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Stella McKenna
4 min readJan 3, 2022


On my ‘to-do’ list for a while now has been to start a practice of writing, and sharing #weeknotes. I am partial to a challenge, to a ritual, and to the tailwind of new year energy. I believe in the value of ‘working in the open’, and one of my intentions for 2022 is to write more, so here we are.

I have chosen four questions and a prompt for my structure, as well set aside an hour every Monday morning to write. I plan to add a photo or two from my week to add a little life. My intention is not to ‘overthink’ and instead to share with regularity, honesty and brevity!

Here we go , wish me luck 🍀 — Week 01 (27 December 2021 — 02 January 2022)

“You are not powerless. In fact, your every action is suffused with meaning… know that you are incredibly lucky to be alive at a time when you can make a transformative difference to the future of all life on earth.” Climate Change Leader and all round super-woman Christiana Figueres

What have I been up to this week?

What has felt important this week?

Remembering that this in-between time can feel like an uncomfortable ‘productivity detox’. Capitalism made us believe we are are only worthy if we are ‘contributing’ — making, or spending, money — but we are more than that. Living, breathing, being is enough. Hopefully I can hold onto the threads of this as work returns this week.

What did I learn this week?

My ‘word for 2022’ is ‘attention’ — you can learn more about finding your own word for the year, and why you might want, to using Year Compass, it’s a free, and fun, way to close your year and plan the next one.

This week I (re) learnt that even just a few moments of paying more attention will throw up unexpected surprises (see photo below). I look forward to what I will discover in 2022 with this word as my guide — as I did last year I’d had a bracelet made with the word engraved so I carry it with me every day.

Hidden patterns, carved into the wall along a busy footpath in central Sheffield. A place I have walked a hundred times but never paid real attention before🌀

What am I looking forward to?

  • On Thursday I will host the first in a new series of ‘community conversations’ for the members of Creatives for Climate — a global intelligence network comprised of over 2000+ creative activists and activist creatives practicing radical collaboration to drive meaningful change.
  • Together we will explore ‘New year, New Systems, New Intentions’ — an opportunity for members to reflect on what they might like to do, explore or learn in 2022, and spark the potential for collaboration.
  • I am looking forward to holding this peer-led space, which is new to this group, and seeing what emerges. Collaboration, community and inner transformation — sounds like the recipe to unlocking systemic change from where I’m sitting.
  • Membership is a small monthly contribution and I’d encourage anyone to join who is looking for collaborators and community within the climate change space 🌱 Curious? Let me know, I’d be very happy to chat about my thoughts!

and finally, because the quality of our answers will only ever be as good as the quality of our questions -a question I am holding this week is:

💡If work was my medicine, what would I spent my time doing?💡with thanks to my friend and mentor Gemma Brady for sharing this prompt with me recently.

See you next week 🙏🏻

Stella ⭐️

Noticing that with calm times comes the desire to dig out my sketchbooks & let me mind wander ⭕️



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